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A style that was invented by Don Campbellock, he would draw sketches of the students dancing to the latest 70s funk tunes.
He had always admired the way the dancers moved, but didn’t feel like he could look as good as they did.
And at first? He didn’t.
Don tried his hand at the Robot Shuffle and struggled so much to get it right that he ended up doing an entirely different move.
But to his surprise, the other dancers loved his move even more.
They started to shout: “Do that Lock, Campbell, do that Lock!”
And with that, the art of Locking was born.
His “Lock” move was a playful arm/body freeze that was timed to emphasize striking moments in the music.
In order to fill the space throughout the song, he started experimenting with other movements, like finger clicks, Wrist Rolls, and Points.
This style of dance is fun and energetic. Focusing a lot on bringing out your own character to the dance.

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