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What are the Project Beats crews about?

Crew is not just about making cool routines and competing in competitions.
Our crews are about much more.
Our crews will train to better themselves in their styles, working hard to continue to improve their dance in a different and challenging ways. They will be taught how to stay healthy, undertaking fitness during sessions, as well as learning how to eat and live healthy lives through looking after their body.
Students will also learn what it is to be a good sportsman, not just to their fellow crew mates, but to everyone in the dance scene and out, no matter who they are or where they come from.
And naturally, they will learn to support, learn from, and make lasting friendships with their crew mates, because one dancer does not make a crew.
These crew will be a good challenge for anyone keen to really give their all in dance and are ready to take that step.  We look for good foundations and appreciation of their styles, a strong determination, and above all else, excellent attitudes.


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Why Choose Project Beats

Empowering people through street dance culture. Focused not only for our students, but also our team and the community. We teach dance classes for all ages, skill and fitness levels, covering the fundamentals to international quality performances.

A Premiere Studio

We are Canberra’s leading and most recognised Hip Hop teaching studio.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding service.

A Positive Environment

We listen, teach with encouragement and every dancer is valued.

Outstanding Teachers

Our team has represented Australia in the World Hip Hop Championships multiple times.

Community Focused

Project Beats is known for its support and hosting of many school and community events.

Internationally Recognised

We are a community of street dancers that are recognised both nationally and internationally. 

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* Entry into some crews are done through an audition process and entry into crew is not guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The studio is open from 3:30pm until 8:30pm

We have classes for people as young as 3!

Absolutely not too old! Our beginner classes are designed primarily from people 12 and above. There is no age limit!

We always recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement and you feel good moving in. You’ll need to wear enclosed shoes, like sports shoes or runners, that won’t come off and please wear deodorant. Finally please bring a water bottle, we have places to fill them up, a sweat towel if you feel as though you might need it.

Yes of course! Our enrolments for the term close at the end of week 4. If you feel nervous that you’ve missed content, be sure to ask your instructor and they will help to make sure you feel able to join even if you miss the first couple of weeks.

We have a range of different options.
You can pay through debit/credit card (fees may apply)  through our online portal.
You can set up a direct debit account to be debited fortnightly throughout the term.
You can pay via a bank transfer using our bank details.
You can pay through cash or debit/credit card (fees may apply) at reception prior to the term beginning.

Absolutely! All of our Beginner Level 1 classes are designed to teach those new to dance and new to the styles how to start and are perfect for any level.

We always recommend starting in the Beginner Level 1 classes due to the foundations and skills taught in these classes that are so important to each style. Previous dance experience can certainly help you pick up these skills faster, but we believe it is important that everyone understands the foundations of their styles.

Our reception space is open for all PB students to be able to use and train in. The studio is open 3:30 to 8:30 most days, so grab your class mates and find a time together that you would like to train! Before or after your classes are always a perfect time to train with others from the studio.

Each of the styles have their own descriptions and history found under the Classes pages on the website. Or alternatively you can find videos of all of our styles on our YouTube channel, which can be found here:

Yes the studio spaces are available to hire outside of class times. For prices and availability please contact us.

We provide a range of services:

  • Classes
  • Privates
  • In studio workshops
  • School workshops
  • School Holiday programs
  • DJ services
  • Studio hire
  • Performance gigs
  • Teaching wedding routines

For more information on any of these or if you have something specific that is not listed here, please get in contact with us and we will see if we can help.

Usually about 6 to 12 months in one level is enough to be ready to move up, as you need to have the foundations, skills, grooves and techniques from the previous level in order to move up. Talk with your instructor, as everyone’s journey is different.

Usually about 6 to 12 months in one level is enough to be ready to move up, as you need to have the foundations, skills, grooves and techniques from the previous level in order to move up. Talk with your instructor, as everyone’s journey is different.