Why Choose Project Beats

Empowering people through street dance culture. Focused not only for our students, but also our team and the community. We teach dance classes for all ages, skill and fitness levels, covering the fundamentals to international quality performances.

A Premiere Studio

We are Canberra’s leading and most recognised Hip Hop teaching studio.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding service.

A Positive Environment

We listen, teach with encouragement and every dancer is valued.

Outstanding Teachers

Our team has represented Australia in the World Hip Hop Championships multiple times.

Community Focused

Project Beats is known for its support and hosting of many school and community events.

Internationally Recognised

We are a community of street dancers that are recognised both nationally and internationally. 

Origin Story

We were a dance crew that practiced in an underground car park…. 
That’s true, we really were just a bunch of kids that wanted to dance Hip Hop but had nowhere to learn the correct techniques or about the history and culture of street dance.
We were driven by our passion and drew from every source we could, watching Hip Hop videos from VHS and MTV and practicing as much as we could.
Move by move we grew, eventually taking lessons as dance studios in Canberra began to include Hip Hop styles as part of their overall repertoire. 
We learned some good things about aspects of Hip Hop styles but we soon realised that nobody really taught Hip Hop within its proper cultural content as a form of community street dance.
So we saved and travelled to learn about what the culture of Hip Hop dance really meant and it’s the knowledge we gained from visiting places where Street dance is central to the expression of community that has inspired us to share this with our own community.
When we got back to Canberra we realised again that Street dance culture was really missing as a component within the Canberra studio scene and that we had to do something about that.
And so, Project Beats was born from this passion to create our own unique, talented, inspired and caring community of Street Dancers.

We cannot wait to have you in the studio

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