Strength and Flexibility

Why is stretching important in dance? Stretching helps increase range of motion, reduces muscle tension, and helps decrease the risk of activity-based injuries. Stretching after exercising is great because it can help decrease muscle soreness. You are also able to gain greater flexibility once your body is warm.

What is static stretching versus dynamic stretching?

Static stretching is used to stretch muscles while the body is at rest. a stretch is held in a challenging but comfortable position for a period of time, usually somewhere between 10 to 30 seconds Dynamic stretching: means your body is still continuously moving, even while stretching. The purpose of warming up is to prepare your muscles. You need to increase your muscles core temperature and dynamic stretching can accomplish this.

What are some good exercises to build strength for dance?

4 rounds, 30sec each. 1min rest between

Jump Squats
Push Ups
Jump Lunges
Side Plank – Left
Side Plank – Right

As dancers are required to perform repeated explosive polymetric movements, you could start with some of these basic exercises

Why is physical strength important for dancers?

Physical strength is the foundation to all dynamic movements. Having good core muscles stabilize the spine, trunk and pelvis, which help prevent injury and allows you to execute your moves to their full potential.

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