It’s no secret that dancer’s are on their feet all day, but is there a particular shoe that you should be wearing to optimise your performance? We asked our senior Project Beats instructors and here is what they had to say!

Stevie’s weapon of choice: Nike Janoski Zoom.

Why is it your weapon of choice?
I have always loved my Nike’s but these bad boys have a good look about them without being too heavy, with great shock absorption and support without being a runner. The sole also does not wear away as quickly as some shoes.

Chip’s weapon of choice: Puma Suede Classic & Adidas Gazelle.

Why are these your weapons of choice?
The Puma Suede Classic is a very versatile shoe. Amazing for doing footwork whether on the floor or standing, and provides great support and maximum comfort. They can also take quite a beating and are a durable pair of shoes.

The Adidas Gazelle is just a super light weight, comfortable and sexy looking shoe.

Izzi’s weapon of choice: Nike Juvenate (women’s in silver print 2).

Why is this your weapon of choice?
They are light as! I do a lot of footwork in Hip Hop and Urban Choreography, so I need shoes that are going to help me feel light as a feather (plus they stretch so i’m comfortable wearing them all day).

Jackson’s weapons of choice: Hush Puppies & Vans.

Why are these your weapons of choice?
It depends on the surface. If the floor has too much grip I’ll go for ‘Hush Puppies’. If it’s too slippery I’ll wear my ‘Vans’.

Hush Puppies help you slip and slide around if you need to, but if you apply you weight over the parts of the shoe it’ll still grip. It can be a bit of a love/hate relationship.

Vans are good and bad because they’re kind of a lighter, thin shoe and have a good amount of grip (depending on how bad you’ve worn them in). They hurt for on the toe stuff though, but I like that you can feel your body weight really clearly when you wear them.

Malissa’s weapon of choice: Nike Air Max.

Why is this your weapon of choice?
I have been through a lot of Nike, Puma and Adidas shoes and believe the Nike Air Max series is the best for House dance. This particular shoe provides enough support for the entire foot (toes, arch and heel), with extra cushioning around the ankles.

So there you go. It really comes down to personal preference when it comes to shoes, as long as they provide you with maximum support and comfort.

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