Senior Instructor

What styles do you teach?


What do you want people to get out of your class?

I really want people to have an enjoyable time while being introduced to the foundations of Breakin’ and learning new ways of expressing self through dance and movement.
(Plus an awesome workout 😉 )

What do you like to do outside of dance?

Love being out in nature, walks, hikes & swims. Enjoy a good book and a slice of gaming.

Favourite food?

Love a home made berry bowl, or some good old fried chicken.

Highlight’s Reel / Achievements

  • 2005 Battlegrounds Australia (One Soul) Winners
  • 2010 World of Dance New York (Psyde) Winners.
  • 2011 Australia’s Got Talent (Instant Bun) Grand Finalists.
  • 2012 Australian Busking Championships (Beat the Streets) Winners
  • 2013 & 2014 R16 Bboy championships (SKB) Top 16/Top 8.
  • 2017 Destructive Steps 3v3 (Buggy Bumpers) Runners Up
  • Nick Power’s Cypher Hip Hop Theatre show, Touring Australia, Germany & Finland.
  • Artists worked for (Film Clips & Live Performance) Taylor Swift, Psy, Jason Derulo, Lunch Money Lewis, Timomatic, Ricki Lee, Optus, Samsung, Pepsi.

Video / Link of you getting down?