We all want to improve at our dance journey but we often wonder what is the best way of doing this. Here are a few of our trialed and tested tip that will help you get the most out of your classes and training.

1) Warm up!

Like a high performance engine, your body also runs at its peak when it’s warm. Take the time to warm up properly, don’t just go through the motions (We’ve all been there) but really try and ease yourself into it and get that heart rate up. Your body will warm and soften to become more limber, this will give you more range of movement and significantly decrease your chances of injuries.

2) Commit to what you’re doing!

You might be thinking, “What do you mean commit?”

Well, it basically means, give it all you got! If you’re practicing a move or techniques, then make sure you’re putting in the necessary effort into whatever it is you’re doing.

If you’re practicing your bounces and rocks, are you getting low enough?
If you’re practicing Popping, are you Popping with 100% of your energy?
If you’re in a Choreography class, are you getting low enough when that level change happens in the routine?

Putting more effort into your practice / classes will ensure you understand how to execute what you’re learning.

3) Fuel + Hyradation!

“Are they talking about food and water?”

Yes! We are talking about food and water, such a basic thing yet often overlooked. Consider timing when / what you should eat before class / training.

Eat something lighter before a class that will give you enough energy to get you through, and drink enough water. Or if you do have a heavy meal, give yourself enough time to digest, this way you don’t feel so ‘heavy’ just before Dance.

Bring water when you go and train / class, nothing worse that giving your all then feeling run down because you’re dehydrated and thirsty mid way through class.

4) Recovery

So many of us neglect this important thing. Make sure you do recovery such as Yoga / Stretching / Flexibility, and ensure that you do it correctly. Huge difference between touching your toes, and doing it with correct alignment, balance and form.

Recovery will help your body in not feel sore, and will strengthen your body and increase your flexibility which will increase your range of movements.

If you need help with recovery, we have our Core and Conditioning, Flexibility and Yoga class, which you will be guided through the correct techniques and form to ensure the best recovery for your body.

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